Levels of Specifying Project Activities

Form of specification

Format requirements


Usability examples

General examples

Process statement

Outcome, goals, activities, work products

Assessor, process implementer, planner

ISO TR 18529

Human System model ISO PAS HS nnnn

ISO 12207, 15288, EFQM (1999)

Methodology, contextualised process statement- generic

Activities, inputs, outputs

Project manager

UPA lifecycle (Ross et al, 2000), CCTA (2000)

Software Engineering, SSADM, Yourdon

Methodology, contextualised process statement - corporate

Activities, inputs, outputs

Project manager

Philips HumanWare (Taylor et al, 1998)

IBM’s project lifecycle

Project instantiation

Project Plan

Activities, dependencies, resources, timing

Project manager

Usability Plan

Project Plan

Project enactment

Tools and Methods

Activities, tools, resources, procedures, inputs, outputs


Stakeholder workshop, Task Analysis, Prototyping

Systems Analysis, HAZOP, Factory Testing

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