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This page will be used for presenting data on the vast amounts of money that could be saved by the application of Human-Centred Design.

The top characteristics sought in the award for the top 5 software projects by the Sotware Technology Support Center relate to usability and HCD:


The Standish Group CHAOS Report is a well-established examination of the causes of IT project success and failure.


Look at the factors that determine success - HCD is the key to project success - almost on its own. User involvement has been at the top of the indicators since it started, and has just grown in importance over that time.

The UK Office of Government Commerce has a major programme of Gateway Reviews. HCD would contribute massively to project success on the criteria used for these reviews. For example, at Gateway Review 1, Business Justification:

    1: Potential for success

    1.1 Have all the likely stakeholders been identified?

    1.2 Are all relevant government initiatives being addressed?

    1.3 Are the needs of end-users and other stakeholders clearly understood?

    1.4 Is there a clear and agreed understanding of business goals and how the project will deliver these?

    1.5 What are the critical success factors? These are the means by which the project will be judged successful.

    1.6 Can the critical success factors be quantified or measured?


In the major application by the UK Inland Revenue, the IR gained by getting systems that were usable, and the supplier (EDS) found that their profits improved.

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