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Integration with System Engineering

 ISO/IEC 15288 takes a view of people and systems that supports Human Systems Integration.  It provides direction at a strategic technical level on the design of humans into a system product, on human influence on the required system services and on the effective execution of system processes by humans throughout the life cycle.

ISO/IEC 15288 (2002) Systems engineering - systems life cycle processes

Agreement processes



Enterprise processes

Enterprise environment management

Investment management

System life cycle processes management

Resource management

Quality management

Project processes

Project planning

Risk manage -ment

Project assesment

Configuration management

Project control

Information management

Decision making

Technical Processes

Stakeholder requirements definition

Requirements analysis

Architectural design









Special processes


ISO/IEC 15288 has four process categories and a tailoring process

People can be part of a system and/or a stakeholder in its design and operation (Arnold et al 2002).  A life cycle is also specified.  An 'enabling system' is associated with each stage of the life cycle e.g. a system to develop a factory for the implementation stage of a product system.  Of particular interest to the delivery of usability is the 'project process' category. This is crucial to the system engineering objective of developing a 'common picture' to harmonise diverse implementation technologies (e.g. software, electronics, biology, hydraulics, mechanics) and the diversity of engineering specialities (e.g. safety, operability, supportability).  To contribute to this integration, each technology, and each specialist discipline needs to portray its activities in a form that others can understand, translating its specialist toolbox of techniques into statements about project achievement.  The HS model does this for HCD, as ISO 12207 does for software.

ISO/IEC 15288 provides a 'common picture' that can be used by the many specialists on large projects (including HSI practitioners) to deal with issues of diversity and conflicting requirements and constraints. 

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