This page presents the various documents that can be downloaded. Some of them relate to UK MOD activity but are likely to be of wider interest.  The current versions of the ISO standards for the Usability Maturity Model and the Human-Systems model should be obtained from your national standards body or ISO. The documents here are drafts that do not have ISO copyright, and readers should be advised that the authoritative versions may have changes from these.

There may be copyright restrictions that should be observed. Any comments on documents other than the HSL process model should be sent to Brian Sherwood Jones. Comments on the HS model should use the comments form provided below and be sent  to Jonathan Earthy at Lloyd's Register of Shipping

To download, right click and use 'save target as..'

Report on the Usability Maturity Model (UMM) (Word document 312KB)

Report on the Human Centredness Scale (Word document 232 KB)

A report on using the UMM as the basis for assurance of organisations providing usability services (Word document 299 KB)

A two page summary of HFI Process Risk Assessment (.pdf 89KB)

One page summaries of the processes in the Human-Systems model (.pdf 20KB)

The reference model of the draft of the Human-Systems model (.pdf 92 KB)

The assessment model of the draft of the Human-Systems model (.pdf 691 KB)

A draft of the standard for the Human-Systems model (.zip 200KB)

A report on assessor competence with a hypothetical system development scenario for assessor training (.pdf 535 KB)

A Comments Form for supplying comments on the (published versions of) ISO TR 18529 and ISO PAS 18152. (Word document 19KB)

A document on data management and practical guidance on organising and  conducting assessments  (.pdf 145 KB)

A guide for conducting quick assessments (tailored for the UK MOD) (.pdf 237 KB)

The forms for conducting quick assessments (tailored for the UK MOD) (.pdf 104 KB)


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