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The  usability assurance approach supported by process models offers the next step in  the implementation of HSI and in the careers of HSI practitioners.  In addition to being responsible for the  conduct of a HEPP or HFIP and the production of specified CDRLs, the  practitioner can be responsible for providing assurance that the project has the  right processes in place to mitigate risks to operability.  There has been a progression from Human Engineering through to HSI with its wider scope across the 7 domains.  The next step is to provide assurance that HSI is being implemented so that:

  • Key  acquisition decisions can be made in an informed manner;
  • HSI  can be an integral part of the 'common picture' of a  project.

In the medium term, the HS model could also provide the basis for HSI competence  definition in a manner compatible with work under way within the UK IEE and  INCOSE for system engineering competence definition.

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