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AMS Acquisition Management System

ATC Air Traffic Control

BCHF Board of Chartered Human Factors

BCS British Computer Society

BPS British Psychological Society

CAA Civil Aviation Authority

CADMID An aide- memoire for the New Acquisition Cycle, comprising Concept, Assessment, Demonstration, Manufacture, In- Service and Disposal.

CASS Conformance Assessment of Safety-related Systems

CASS Scheme Ltd - an organisation to promote and support the use of IEC 61508 in the UK

CBA Cost Benefit Analysis or Capability Based Appraisal

CCTA Central Computers and Telecommunications Agency

CDRL Contract Deliverable Requirements List

CE Capability Evaluation

CEA Cost Effectiveness Analysis

CI Continuous Improvement

CMM Capability Maturity Model

COEIA Combined Operational Effectiveness and Investment Appraisal

CP Collective Performance

CSA Customer Supplier Agreement

DCIS Defence Computers and Information Systems

DEC Defence Equipment Capability

DERA Defence Evaluation and Research Agency

DPA Defence Procurement Agency

DPG Defence Procurement Group

DPMG Defence Procurement Management Guide

ECA Early Comparability Analysis

EHFA Early Human Factors Analysis

ESSI European Software Systems Institute

EUSC European Usability Support Centres

FAA Federal Aviation Authority

GAO General Accounting Office (US)

HCD Human-Centred Design

HCI Human Computer Interface

HF Human Factors

HFSC Human Factors Support to COEIA

HFE Human Factors Engineering

HFI Human Factors Integration

HFIP Human Factors Integration Plan

HSL Human-System Lifecycle

IEC International Electrotechnical Commission

IEE Institution of Electrical Engineers

ILS Integrated Logistics Support

IPI Initial Process Improvement

IPT Integrated Project (Management) Team

ISO International Standards Organisation

ITEA Integrated Test, Evaluation and Acceptance

JAR Joint Airworthiness Regulations

KPA Key Process Area (in Software CMM)

KUR Key User Requirement (in URD)

LFE Learning From Experience

LR Lloyd's Register of Shipping

MPT Manpower, Personnel and Training (HFI domains)

MoD Ministry of Defence

MoE Measure of Effectiveness

NAO National Audit Office

PAIS Process Appraisal Information System (at SEI)

PCAE Pre Contract Award Evaluation

PI Process Improvement

PDS Professional Development Scheme

PPO Principal Personnel Officer

PPP Public Private Partnership

PQQ Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

QIU Quality In Use

ROI Return On Investment

SAT Systems Approach to Training

SCE Software Capability Evaluation

SEA Systems Engineering and Assessment Ltd

SEC Systems Engineering Centre at DERA Malvern

SEI Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, source of Software CMM and others

SMIR Statement of Management Information Required

SPI Smart Procurement Initiative, Software Process Improvement

SPICE Software Process Improvement and Capability Evaluation

SQEP Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel

SRD System Requirements Document

SSA Sea Systems Agency

SSADM Structured System Analysis and Design Methodology

SSMO Ship Safety Management Office

SSP Sea Systems Publication

TAD Target Audience Description

TLMP Through Life Management Plan

TNA Training Needs Analysis

UI User interface

URD User Requirements Document

VFM Value For Money

WLC Whole Life Cost