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Developing an Operability Case as part of safety assurance. Please click here

The process-based approach to safety assurance please click here for the rationale and links to a white paper.

For presentation slides on the process-based approach please click here

Visualising organizational accidents
Models in Google Earth described and discussed






Process for Usability - summary of the usability assurance approach

Human-Centred Design .pdf trifold.

Usability Assurance - a new section of the site on the topic

Quality In Use Scoring Scale (QIUSS)
a simple way to rate usability.

Human Centred Design for e-government. Please click here

For the UK MOD site on HFI Process Risk Assessment (PRA)
Please click here.

Two views of HFI - 1993 but still relevant

In case you think that Human Centred Design is new, read Plato on the subject

The Design Review Thermometer

Control rooms and systems

3rd Generation Control Systems

Slides on 'Enabling and Maintaining Control' in 3rd Generation control systems Please click here

For guidance on the ergonomics of hand-held devices for industrial use Please click here

Bridge anthropometry paper 1 meg pdf

Posters for slips trips and falls v1 pdf1 pdf2 gif1 (310k) jpg2 (370k) (the pdf are 150k and look ok but may not print properly)


eNav 2009 chart as .svg

eNav 2009 chart as tiled image

The resource dedicated to those people who (have to) use outsourced services and call centres..
Please click here.


Process for Usability

Quality in use

The capability of a system to enable specified users
to achieve specified goals with
effectiveness, productivity, safety and satisfaction
in specified contexts of use
(ISO 9126-1)


distinguishing user centred design

(Diagram from Timo Jokela)

If we wait until after the system is designed to find out how easy it is to use, it is usually too expensive to make improvements.

What is it that leads to ease of use? The answer is user-centred design. An organisation that has well-defined processes for user-centred design can be fairly sure of producing a usable system. An organisation with ad hoc processes is likely to produce a system that is hard to use.

A health check (process assessment), followed by business-driven process improvement will reduce the risk of an unusable system being developed.



Consultancy Services

Aerospace and Defence Human Factors

User Aspects of Complex Systems

Usability Engineering

Aerospace and Defence Human Factors

Process Contracting Limited is able to offer an extensive range of Human Factors consultancy services to both acquisition and research, based on long-standing experience. A risk-based approach to system design and evaluation is adopted, supported by a range of tools and methods. Research investigations are supported by an up-to-date understanding of a considerable part of the literature, and connections with a number of Universities. The combination of project and research activities has been found to benefit research by an understanding of current problems, and to inform acquisition with an appreciation of future developments.

  • Human Factors Integration (HFI) for complex systems

Production and management of HFIP’s. Early HF Analysis, management of risks and issues. Task, workload, human reliability, decision analysis and modelling. Human aspects of System Engineering. Integration of Manpower, Personnel, Training (MPT) issues with acquisition.

  • Human Factors research to support future systems

Research into tools and methods, development of standards. Understanding and support to human decision making, Human/Electronic Crewmember interaction, digitisation. Organisational and manpower research.

  • Human aspects of Cost Effectiveness Analysis (CEA)

Human Factors Support to CEA (HFSC). Development of CoA, identification of MoE’s, manpower costing investigations, input to business case.

  • CIS specification and design

Usability Engineering support to the system life cycle for operational and non-operational CIS.

  • Platform specification and design

Workplace and workstation design (for Air, Sea, Land), environmental specification, HF design of Platform Management Systems.

User aspects of complex systems

Process Contracting Limited is able to offer a range of consultancy services to address the user aspects of complex system design based on experience in transportation (air, road, rail), telecommunications, and process and machinery control.

  • Control room design

Design and layout of control centres and control rooms. Design of workstations.

  • IT on the move

Design and evaluation of computer systems to be used by people on the move (cockpits, in-vehicle etc.). Design and evaluation of portable, mobile devices.

  • Human Computer Interface (HCI) design

Design, prototyping and evaluation of user interfaces for real-time control and off-line use. Development of style guides.

  • Automation definition and evaluation

Allocation of function between people and automation. Workload and decision analysis. Design of operator decision aids. Evaluation of manned system performance.

  • Human aspects of system safety

Human aspects of hazard identification and mitigation, Human Reliability Analysis, support to defining safe systems of work.

Usability Engineering Services

Process Contracting Limited is able to offer an extensive range of Usability Engineering consultancy services based on wide-ranging project experience and research. State of the art tools and methods are used in a business-focused approach, supported by an understanding of System Engineering.


  • Usability assessment
Assessment of web-based interfaces for usability and accessibility.
  • Human Computer Interface (HCI) design and evaluation

Design and prototyping of HCI for web-based and other user interfaces, including portable devices. Supporting analyses (task analysis, allocation of function etc.). Cost-effective management and conduct of evaluations.

  • User requirements elicitation

Elicitation of user requirements, requirements analysis and management, production of SMART specifications and acceptance criteria.

  • Information flow, organisation design

Analysis and design of team and organisational structure to match the users with the needs of the business.

  • Human Centred Design management, assessment, improvement

Quick health check of a project or company approach to user aspects of design. Project and programme management, planning. CMM Capability Evaluation of Human Centred Design, and structured Process Improvement.

  • Intelligent support, decision aiding

Analysis and design of user decision aids, Knowledge Elicitation and design of Knowledge Based assistance.


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